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We all love to Decorate our houses; Where we live and create memories. 

Subak team also gathered with the same love of beautifying home. Hi, My Name is Krutika and we are a team of 5 members who are highly optimistic, creative, and dedicated to their work. We feel proud to tell you that each of our products is welcomed in our own houses before we launch them into the market.


Word Subak stands for Neat and pretty in the Marathi language. We have some new ideas and hope to create a small space in your home for our work. It's a new beginning for us and excited to see the response, and also get your support. We would love to hear if you have any suggestions for us. You will be heartily welcomed with your ideas.

Our aim will remain to present attractive articles at reasonable prices and keep giving new experiences to all our customers. We have a long way to go but we Believe by maintaining quality, originality, and a satisfactory smile on your faces; we will grow and shine. 

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